Web Hosting

Managed Dedicated Web Hosting

  • A dedicated server is a type of web hosting server that is dedicated to an individual, organization or application
  • Maximum flexible in setting up Dedicated hosting server
  • Advanced & Updated Management with cPanel & WHM
  • Completely customizable configuration and lot more

Why Choose Dedicated Server?

Full Root Access

With full root access in place, helps to get maximum flexibility in setting up and configuring the web server.
Complete control of the web server with actions like Server Start, Stop, Rebuild, etc. with the Server Management Panels.

Maximum Control

Dedicated servers allows the maximum & Tailor made customizations, configurations, installations, and overall extensibility.
Data center level DDoS protection to protects the web server safe from a variety of malicious & harmful attacks

Advanced Server Management

Dedicated Web Servers with CentOS operating systems include cPanel and WHM for efficient management hosting related functions and overall web server configurations.
Automates and optimizes your web hosting with automation platform

Benefits of Dedicated Web Hosting

Features of Dedicated Web Hosting

A business which opts for a dedicated server, not have to share resources with other website users which helps to boosts their website’s performance and helps manage traffic better. Meanwhile even the business has the full of control over the resources

Opting for a dedicated server not only for personalized access to your server, it's strengthen up business’s security. Many dedicated servers are Online Payment Card Data Security Standard compliance, a data web hosting serve requirement for business to accept online card payments

Dedicated web server hosting included with 24/7 support round the clock which helps server maintenance and other related issues. Your IT team does not need to spare time in performing different server maintenance tasks

When using a dedicated server the business have complete full control over the server environment, maintenance and can customize CPU, disk space, RAM and software according to the business needs. Can also able to change the platform and operating system

Businesses opting web hosting in a dedicated server get a unique IP address which provides a unique identity to the business and boosts its reputation.This will helps to increase the SEO performance of your website

primary part of an SSL certificate is to provide authentication to a website. Identity verification is one of the most important aspects in Web security . SSL protect confidential data, provides better search engine ranking and improves the customer trust

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