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Yes. We identify the right software, servers, desktops, firewalls, network structure, connectivity and the complete infrastructure. We decide on high-value next generation technologies and adopt open source solutions. And here, we come up with the veritable system of security and solutions that stand to gear up your business goals.

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Our iAlerts secured 1500 leads per day for an educational institution at the cost of Rs.10 /day.

In today’s digital era, IT outages can cause severe disruption of services to nearly every institution, private or public. IT Team or the business owners are under intense pressure to make sure relevant information is always available to the business users & also make sure their systems are always up & running. System downtime costs a lot of money and tarnishes the reputation of an organisation.

TabTree’s iAlert service notifies the customer (through SMS, email and call) by observing the system from remote areas. A report will be generated on daily basis. Agent & agent-less monitoring both are available, depending on the parameters to be monitored.

How did it help?

When you are investing 1.5 million a day on marketing and advertising, it is important that all your systems are in place. When our client ran the advertising campaign they had a huge traffic flowing to the website which brought their server down for few minutes. Fortunately, our iAlerts gave an automatic SMS and voice call to the system admin whose proactive action got the website live in 15 minutes and secured 1500 leads.


  • Monitor your websites up or down
  • Your webpage response time measurement
  • Continuous checks at every minute
  • Check your internet connectivity status
  • Check your server connectivity status
  • Check your DB live status (my SQL , oracle , Microsoft SQL )
  • Check your server resources (Windows , linux)
  • Check your core server details - cpu, memory
  • Check your internet connectivity status
  • Check your disk usage and alert
  • Check your process memory consumption
  • Fine tune your system performance based on reports
  • Alerts via sms, mail, phones, Twitter, instant messaging
  • Trigger calls
  • Escalation matrix
  • Maintenance periods

Available Reports

  • Schedule automatic reports
  • Daily reports
  • Weekly reports
  • Monthly reports
  • Downtime history details
  • Dashboards login access


Our iBackit solution saved decades of data and 24 Crores of business assets during Chennai floods.

Business risks are inherent in almost every venture, but there's no reason to risk losing your data. TabTree’s iBackit solution provides 100 GB cloud backup space for only Rs. 1000* per month. We offer the most reliable, comprehensive and affordable business backup solution available for both laptops and desktops. *T&C Apply.

TabTree’s iBackit is a robust cloud storage solution that is reliable and scalable. Don’t worry about choosing between a service that makes your data available or one that is inexpensive; you get the best of both.

How did it help?

The recent Chennai floods affected many businesses. A software company located in the heart of Chennai, was certain to loose decades of data and business assets when the floods washed away their server. Our iBackit solution managed to backup all data including critical development files and accounts data online, which were retrieved from the cloud on time and saved 24 crores worth of data and business assets.


  • Backup your critical data in cloud
  • 1000 GB online storage
  • Save your data even in disasters
  • Make sure your data is safe even in disasters
  • Alerts on success or failure of data backup
  • Sms alerts on data backup failure
  • Daily reporting on data backup status
  • Call alerts when the data backup does not happen
  • Download your data whenever required
  • Backup your windows or Linux
  • Backup your server image
  • Backup your SQL database
  • Backup your oracle Database
  • Backup your virtual machine

Available Reports

  • Schedule automatic reports
  • Daily reports
  • Weekly reports
  • Monthly reports
  • Downtime history details
  • Dashboards login access


Our iSecure solution saved 45 Crores from theft and created an unaccessible and reliable security.

When you confront data protection challenges, you may know exactly what you need - or you may find the many different approaches somewhat bewildering. Whether you are highly experienced or just getting started, be assured that iSecure solutions are designed with your business and technology requirements in mind.

TabTree’s integrated data protection solutions makes it easier to identify, track, and secure sensitive company, customer, and employee data from the endpoint to the cloud. Keep your data confidential with data security and data management.

How did it help?

When a construction company ran a 3 Crore advertising campaign for 3 months for lead generation, they least expected their database being sold to competitor by internal malpractice. TabTree audited the complete network, understood all security loop holes. We used a combination of various technologies like ADS, DLP, UTM devices & made sure all the customer’s data were intact. Our timely intervention saved the Campaign and crores of money to the company.


Our iConnect solution saved 180 Crores by bringing the outstanding amount down to 40% in just 90 days.

Companies have changed the way they conduct business. As the workforce becomes increasingly mobile and global, finding a highly secure, cost-effective remote access solution to extend your network to branch offices, customers, and partners is critical. You need to protect the privacy and integrity of all information, but you also need a solution that is flexible, versatile, and simple to manage.

TabTree’s iConnect offers many options for remote access that will help you to improve productivity, enhance business efficiency, allows fast access and control while limiting liability and preventing financial loss caused by lack of access to company/branch data.

How did it help?

A 45 day delay in process created an outstanding of 300 crores, for a client who had multiple branches with centralised accounts in Chennai. Tabtree gave the iConnect service, which simplified the whole process. Invoice entered in Mumbai, a copy of the same is immediately printed out in their warehouse in Gurgaon and the accounts team in Chennai gets an instant update in their Login – all happening at an instant bringing the outstanding down to 40% in just 90 days.


System & Data - in control. Intact. It's all stored, controlled, and monitored as you want it.

iWatch is a Remote Monitoring Service which is very useful for every organizations With systems & Multiple Branches. The Performance, Security, Status & availability Of IT Assets are also being Monitored. It gives you the control of your systems & data which is the need of the hour.

Features – Daily checks & Reports

  • Receive Daily Reports on Antivirus Status
  • Receive Daily Reports on Anti-spyware Status
  • Receive Daily Reports on Start time of System
  • Receive Daily Reports on End time of System
  • Receive Daily Reports on Up-time of System
  • Receive Daily Reports on Drive Space Change
  • Receive Daily Reports on Failed Login Attempts
  • Receive Daily Reports on Hard disk Status
  • Receive Daily Reports on Vulnerability Checks & Alerts
  • Receive Daily Reports on Critical Windows Services
  • Executive Summary Monthly Report

Features – IT Asset Tracking

  • Detailed Inventory Report
  • Installed Software List
  • Software License Report
  • Modified Hardware List
  • Maintain Asset Branch wise
  • Take System Control at your comfort
  • Monitor remote branches Assets
  • Get Serial Nos, Hardware ID, OS details

Features – Internet Security

  • Internet protection (Block Insecure sites)
  • Web Filtering Management (Block / Allow)
  • Reports on Browsed requests
  • Reports on Blocked Request
  • Identify High internet usage
  • Identify Most Visited Categories
  • Identify Most visited Websites
  • Top Insecure visited Sites

Benefits - iWatch

  • Efficient usage of Software licenses
  • Identify Data theft Alerts
  • Dashboard – Login Access
  • Multiple User Profile
  • Know the status of systems
  • Get Alerts on software uninstall / Install
  • Remote Support
  • Block Downloads
  • Get On-time E-Mail Alerts
  • Increases overall security
  • Increases Data security
  • Increase productivity of Employees
  • Save your System from unauthorized access
  • Save Power
  • Increase Life time of systems / Save Costs
  • Effective Storage usage
  • Identify unlicensed Softwares


iRetail solution helped a client to achieve 12% increase in work time and profitable turnover across all 58 branches.

In Retail industry, billing is directly proportional to the uptime of systems. Businesses with multiple retail outlets find it difficult to manage and track all the systems and to ensure they are up and running at all times. Plus, they always struggle to find a right consultant to use various technologies.

TabTree’s iRetail is an exclusive managed service for organization having Multiple branches and Retail outlets.


How did it help?

A retail business even with over 10 branches will always find it difficult to manage and track all the systems and their daily performance. Our client with 58 branches across the country was facing the same problem when they approached us. Understanding the retail business is the key to provide any solution that will be holistic and comprehensive. TabTree’s iRetail solution was the answer. It monitors and connects all systems to a single one and track the uptime and downtime of each system located in each branch. It also curates a daily report on the working time of each branch. Within months the business saw a 12% increase in the working time, which resulted in increase in sales and turnover. Creating accountability and reporting is an integral component in iRetail service.

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