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We manage your IT infrastructure on par with your strategic requirements and protect your data from being pilfered. We help you monitor every segment, branches, and the overall work process transparent and ensure that you stay updated in every aspect.

Proactive Maintance Contract(PMC)

Self-sufficiency is certainly a principle that is worth pursuing. But then, viewed along with compulsions of cost, productivity and overall organisational efficiency, it would need a serious reconsideration. This is true, especially with small- and mid-size companies, when they assess the wisdom of outsourcing their IT administration. Besides being an integral component of the business matrix, when IT admin assumes huge and critical importance vis-a-vis company's evolution and growth, then outsourcing becomes an eminently sensible decision.


Guaranteeing total prepardness


Laying the right foundation


Aligning your technology and operations



Boost the productivity and agility of your business with cloud monitoring. Now you can enjoy anywhere access to all your familiar office applications and files using the power of the cloud. We can help you understand and implement a vast range of cloud technologies according to your need.



IT systems are crucial to most businesses. We will work with you at your workplace to ensure you have a dependable system and a support team you can rely on. From single systems to enterprise server management, we will provide you support at all times.



With Remote Infrastructure Management, we manage your IT infrastructure, regardless of location, on premise the cloud or data centres. With RIM, you will be free from the day-to-day management of your IT so you can focus on your core business.

Our exceptional stance

  • We ensure our customers’ growth with update technology on hand
  • We focus on end-to-end service and support at every phase
  • Our 100+ team of experts with authoritative technical expertise

TABTREE’s Professional Forte

  • Support and Services Available 24/7.
  • In the absence of IT system admin, the replacement will be made instantly.
  • New appointees of system admin will be inducted only after a thorough training.
  • Every system admin will strictly adhere to the IT policies formulated by the management.
  • System admins will be supported by a team of experts in order to solve any complex issues.
  • Latest updates on IT will be given by the team.
  • With the right connects we can get you the right product at the right price, in right time.
  • To maintain high IT standards, the performance of the IT system admins will be audited at periodic intervals.
  • Only qualified, trained and disciplined system admin with a sense of proactive professional support will be inducted and positioned.

Our support services come in wide range


Laying the right foundation.

We begin at the beginning. A full-fledged TABTREE team will initiate a dialogue with you to ask you all the important questions pertaining to server configuration, software needs, internet connectivity, network infrastructure, and application hosting methodology.

These key decisions made, we will stabilize and secure your current IT environment and translate these decisions so that the resultant IT mechanism is geared to meet your immediate and long-term business goals. With the expert TABTREE team at your disposal, you will function as if you have a full-blown in-house IT department. Automation ensures tasks are scheduled and completed, and reports generated – all at clockwork precision. Data monitoring helps you zero in on to patterns and trends and determine system adjustments.

Armed with precise answers to these questions, the team will come up with a recommendation to help:

  • Identify the right software, servers, desktops, firewalls, network security solutions, remote connectivity plus the entire related infrastructure
  • Choose high-value, next-generation technologies
  • Adopt Open Source solutions


Aligning your technology and operations.

TABTREE’s iHealth provides, full validation, addressing not only the technology transformation, but equally as important, the impact of new technology on your organisation. Our proven methodologies, tools and best practices fast-track your business transformation. Given our experience with small - and mid-size companies, a dedicated team, and belief in work ethics, we are confident that we will deliver tangible results as we collaborate with you.

How will it help?

  • Improve IT operational efficiency at reduced costs
  • Reduce the cost of acquiring IT goods, services and non-personnel related IT expenses
  • Reduce costs by 10 to 20% through right-sizing, sourcing optimization and consolidation
  • Improve risk management
  • Reduce licensing costs by implementing Open source solutions


Creating a strategic business asset for you.

Businesses are realising the importance of improved partnership between business and IT, to sense and respond to changing market dynamics. When you entrust TABTREE with the task of setting up a complete system of IT admin, you are virtually getting a strategic business asset for yourselves – an asset we will design and build by using tested systems, methodologies and accountability mechanisms; an asset we will monitor, maintain and upgrade continuously for performance, security and relevance.

TABTREE adopts a multi-dimensional approach towards IT Asset Creation and Management, with each dimension, by itself and with the others, contributing to the agility and growth of the company. TABTREE’s iConsult will help you drive growth by transforming your processes and technology infrastructure.

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