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We see that your infrastructure is built on great products. The quality and excellence of our products and service makes you realize that you are at the point of solutions at every phase of your business. Our products comprise UniPrint – printing solution, Firewall – secure, NAS – Network Attached Storage, Mail Server, Monitoring Server, Help Desk, Ticketing Solution and more…

Firewall - Secure

This unique firewall system protects the network and the system operations from unauthorized access. Your apps, software, vital info and communication are thus controlled and stacked away, intact.

It is a general issue that rapid growth of applications brings new network risks. Customary firewalls are designed to protect your systems and network from common interconnection and internet threats.

TabTree’s firewall software programme is so meticulously devised in order to protect your system environment from the security challenges of any kind.

NAS – Network Attached Storage

A consummate data storage server with a combination of software and hardware – Linux software + Dell hardware.

Data loss is a key concern in the IT environment. Regular back up and monitoring is the only way to make sure that the data is preserved and intact. Identifying the best features of NAS is highly essential to manage the data storage effectively.


  • Security
  • Ease of management
  • Effective power consumption
  • iSCSI – Internet Small Computer System Interface - support
  • Ability to sync/back up to other storage systems
  • Multi-functional capabilities
  • Data de-duplication
  • Replication capability for workstations
  • On-board, hardware-accelerated encryption
  • Support for synchronizing with cloud storage

Mail Server

Helps to monitor your mail server from an infrastructure and end user perspective, identify various errors and ensures successful mail delivery.

Provides network solutions by enabling SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol - authentication in order to send mails from email programmes installed in the computer systems.

Keeps track of the DNS – Domain Name System – of your mail server. Ensures the MX records in the DNS server pointing towards the right mail server.

Your complete mailing system is secure and organized with internal transparency. Protects sensitive info and data shared via mail.

Controls the incoming mail and outgoing mail of both local and remote users. Checks whether your network connections are in order. Identifies whether the default port address of your SMTP, POP or IMAP server is changed or not.

Monitoring Server

Your website is systematically monitored and the time measuring tools enables automated website performance and time measurement. It helps determine the success of your website.

This service notifies the customer through SMS, email and phone call by observing the system from remote areas. I.P. agent is not required for the monitoring process. A report will be generated on daily basis.

In addition to this, the overall performance of the IT system and website is monitored and controlled. This provides onsite solution and sends reports and updates.

Other prominent features:

  • Monitor your websites up or down
  • Your webpage response time measurement
  • Continuous checks at every minute
  • Check your internet connectivity status
  • Check your server connectivity status
  • Check your DB live status (my SQL , oracle , Microsoft SQL )
  • Check your server resources (Windows , Linux)
  • Check your core server details - CPU, memory
  • Check your disk usage and alert
  • Check your process memory consumption
  • Fine tune your system performance based on reports
  • Alerts via SMS, mail, phones, Twitter, and instant messaging
  • Trigger calls
  • Escalation matrix
  • Maintenance periods

Help Desk

Asset Management System

Your IT assets and systems are efficiently managed and controlled. This software intersection keeps clear track of number of systems in use, number of software installed – licensed and unlicensed – and clearly indicates the available storage in each drive.

With in-built web interface and service desk portal, Web Help Desk software delivers simplicity and automation to streamline help desk asset management. It comprises built-in knowledge base, IT change control, SLA alert, performance reporting, customer surveys and more.

Basic operations like storing information about the assets you use in your work, their quantities and sort and search through them. Effective Assets Management System helps you to conspicuously raise the quality of your customer service.

Ticketing solution

With the help of help desk ticketing system, you can simplify your IT service management operations and ensure IT pros spend less time tracking and managing help desk tickets, and get more time for actual IT resolution and end-user support. In fact, time saved with ticket management equals time gained for ticket resolution.

In case of discrepancies, Help Desk keeps track of issues generated, monitors and resolves.


  • It simplifies and automates help desk ticket management.
  • Centralizes help desk ticket management – from request to resolution
  • Saves time and resources on manual and repetitive help desk tasks
  • Tracks and monitors help desk and technician performance in real time
  • Builds help desk knowledge repository and promote self-service options for end-users
  • Improves operational efficiency of customer service
  • Realizes higher levels of customer satisfaction

UniPrint - Printing Solution

Get your soft word documents printed as you need it with UniPrint Infinity™ v9 that takes Mobility, Security and Enterprise Print Management to a new level.

Enriched printing

This improves the printing functionality by allowing users to access advanced printer properties and thereby increasing user productivity within the printing environment.

Printing costs

This helps you to manage your printing environment more efficiently and effectively while increasing corporate sustainability. Take command and let UniPrint Infinity™ reduce your corporate printing costs.

Ensured maximum
printing service uptime

UniPrint Infinity™'s High Availability Module eliminates any single point of failure in a printing system ensuring maximum printing service uptime.

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