Cloud Services

Are you ready to move to the cloud infrastructure? Then we are the one to assist you !

We are partner with a reliable cloud service provider & experienced on a cloud infrastructure and application migration. We manage your cloud infrastructure by proactive monitoring, automation & risk Management

Cloud Infrastructure Migration:

If you are looking for the cloud migration, we ensure that we analyse your business requirements & application to determine which services are suited for cloud infrastructure migration. Our infra experts will help you to setup, plan & Execute the cloud environment securely.

Benefits of cloud Migration:

Lesser infra complexity

Cloud Migration enables to deploy applications & services without building on-premise IT Infrastructure

Data Security

Storing the data in cloud reduces the risk , enhances the data security , Accessibility and availability

Flawless internet connectivity

Service providers offer flawless internet connectivity which facilitates and increases the productivity

Disaster Recovery

Automatic cloud Backup & logs saves, protects data from natural disaster & other crisis

Cloud Migration Services includes

  • Analyse your business needs & process
  • Migrating your database & Application from legacy infrastructure to cloud environment securely
  • Troubleshooting the implementation & post migration issues
  • While live migration, we Controls the downtime & availability requirements
  • Upgrades, Updates, and patches are deployed automatically
  • Minimizes the risk and manual intervention through automating process
  • We can provide 24/7 Technical support by our team.

Managed cloud Services

As a cloud hosting service provider we are responsible for cloud server deployment & can manage by Proactive Monitoring, Maintenance and Disaster Recovery. Tabtree cloud services not only manage the customers’ computing, storage, networks, and operating systems, but also the complex tools and application that run on the top of that infrastructure.

A managed cloud service includes

  • Cloud server monitoring & maintenance
  • Analysing the performance & Tuning
  • Data Security management services
  • Handling backups & Restores
  • Database administration
  • Proactive communication & 24/7 support
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