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Tabtree cloud backup solutions provides data protection and safety for all types of data based on business objectives. Cloud Backup solution is the better solution for Disaster, system crash and other failure occurs.

Features of Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup Services provides automatic Data Backup with Data Protection

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    Get Backup @just Rs.10* per GB

    Backup and Restore

    Backup & Restore from cloud while any failure occurs

    Anywhere Access

    Access your backup data from anywhere using client portal

    Data protection and Alerts

    Data protection with Encryption and alerts you whether thebackup taken successfully or not

    Managed Cloud Backup Services

    Data Backup at your business Environment is taken care of as you want it to be. Based on the configuration backup has been done from system, server , NAS and other resources. we are responsible for your Data and Protection with Managed Backup.with this Reliable cloud backup , anytime and anywhere you can access the backup files and can restore it quickly


    Benefits of Cloud Backup



    Cloud backup offers the best protection available and is much more reliable than other backup data and recovery services. With such high reliability, your employees will be able to focus on their work without worrying about accidentally deleting important files.


    Reduce Cost

    Maintaining low costs is a goal for businesses of all backup services provides a low-cost solution for file protection. Losing valuable data can become costly and time-consuming. Cloud backup allows the business to restore data & helps to reduce costs.


    File transfer Security

    To Keep your critical business data files protected is an essential function of an business. Each file is encrypted before they are transmitted to cloud. Hackers will be unable to penetrate these files and they will be securely sent from your server to the data center.


    Easy Setup

    Backing your data may look like an endless strife. Not anymore! Tabtree cloud backup keeps your data protected and backed-up, up-to-date and saves time & Effort

    They Manage Data Backup with Tabtree

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